Rates: Mail Services

Mail Forwarding Service Includes the Following

  • One mail shipment per week for Basic Service
  • Up to five mail shipments per week for Unlimited Service (excluding Federal Holidays)
  • Mail instructions can be given to our staff from 9-5 Monday through Friday
  • Option to discard “Junk” or unwanted mail or catalogs
  • Mail may be held for up to six months
  • Set mail to ship on a scheduled basis or one at a time
  • CUSTOM MAIL SORT- At your request our staff will sort through your individual pieces of mail with you on the telephone.


Basic Service is $10.00 per month; Unlimited Service is $15.00. There is a one time account set-up fee of $10.00 and an initial postage deposit of $20.00 when your account is activated. The monthly service is collected in advance and is billed to your account the first of each month. Postage required for the previous months mailing is billed with each monthly fee. You may pay for service and postage in advance if you wish.