Our mail forwarding service is the most flexible mail forwarding service in the business. Our clients have the ability to schedule mailings at their convenience.  Clients may select the day(s) of the week to have mail sent, or have mail sent on specific day(s) of the month.

Our operators are available 9-5 CST Monday through Friday. Clients may also submit mailing instructions via e-mail any time.  Mailing instructions received by 2:00 P.M. Central Time Monday through Friday can be shipped the same day.

Mail service customers are charged a monthly service fee on the first of each month plus the actual postage cost of mailings sent the previous month. (U.S.P.S. regulations require us to consolidate your individual pieces of mail in one box or envelope and affix new postage to the package).

Custom Sorting – To save our customers time and money, at no extra charge we will custom sort your mail and discard junk or other unwanted items according to your standing instructions.