1583 Form and Instructions

Download and complete BOTH forms in this packet: USPS Form1583

The following numbers correspond to the numbered items on the 1583 form:

1. Fill in today’s date.
2. List all names by which you receive mail including: nicknames, maiden names, middle names. Include names for each person on both forms.
3. This section is already completed. (1 for P O Box & 1 for Street Address)

  • Each client MUST complete two forms: 1 for PO Box Address and 1 for Street Address.

4. This section will already be completed.
5. To authorize restricted delivery mail, your signature is required here, e.g. certified, insured, etc.
6. Print your legal name and list the name of each person on your account.
7. If you have a base (other than a R.V.), your physical address goes here.

  • If you live in your R.V., indicate that you live in your R.V. Note the state in which the R.V. is registered and its license plate number. Example: Live in RV, registered in Florida, license plate number 1234HHG.

8. You may use any picture I.D. from any state. The second form of I.D. must show a number and your signature.

  • Examples of I.D. that you may use: Military I.D., A.A.R.P. card, passport, voter registration, etc. Please remember to list the type of I.D. used for each form of identification. You must include PHOTO COPIES of I.D.’s showing numbers and signatures for each client receiving mail.

9 thru 14. Fill out as required if you will be receiving mail in a company name. Otherwise, write a “N.A.” for not applicable.

  • Note: Number 13: list names and ages of all minor children receiving mail at this address.

15. The form must be notarized if you are not completing this form while in our office.
16. Please make certain you have signed your name on this line.


These forms must be signed and filled out completely. You may either present them in person at our office, or mail them to us (document must be notarized if mailed).