Mailing Options

How do I get my mail and how often? You can choose when you want your mail shipped or held.You can have shipments sent one at a time, forwarded to the same place until you notify us otherwise, or held (for up to 6 months). We sort your mail according to your instructions, re-package it affix the appropriate postage, and then forward it to the address you provide.  NOTE:  Express and ground services are also available. What shipping options do I have besides the U.S. Post Office? We have a variety of expedited services available that offer guaranteed delivery times and can be tracked. Ground services are are also available; with competitive pricing, tracking, and guaranteed delivery times, this is an attractive affordable alternative to Priority mail. Other than your stated fees, what charges could I incur? We charge a monthly fee and actual postage cost plus a $2.00 handling fee for each mailing. No packaging or supplies are charged to you. Other charges may be incurred on packages you choose to insure or international shipments with tariffs or taxes. Can you send mail to be anonymously re-mailed for me? Yes. You may send mail stamped or without stamps and we will post it from our office. You only pay postage necessary to send your mail. Will you receive mail for other people (family or friends) at my address? Yes. We will receive mail for any person traveling in your party. They must complete a U.S.P.S. form 1583 and receive mail with the main member’s shipments. (Additional member’s mail will not be sorted separately from other member’s mail). Can I change my shipping day or frequency once I have established one? You may change your shipping day and frequency at any time. You can call or email mailing instructions at your convenience. Can I have merchandise and packages shipped to my Florida address? Yes. As your mail agent, we can sign and receive your parcels and forward them with your next mailing. Can I pick up my mail when I am in Pensacola? Of course. You are welcome to pick your mail up during our office hours when you are in town. There is no charge for pickups and we enjoy seeing our clients in person.