Florida Facts:  Residency

Does using your service make me a Florida resident?
No. Our mail service provides you with a post office box as well as a legal street address. This address can help you to establish Florida residency if you wish.

What are the advantages to Florida residency?
Florida residency is easy to establish.  There is no state income tax, no personal property tax and there is no vehicle emissions testing requirements.

Any of the following actions can indicate your intent to establish Florida Residency:

  • File a declaration of domicile at a county courthouse
  • Obtain a Florida driver license
  • Register to vote in Florida
  • Declare Florida residency on a personal income tax return
  • Qualifying for homestead exemption

You are considered a Florida resident when your true, fixed, or permanent home and/or principal establishment is in Florida. You can establish Florida residency by filing a declaration of domicile, qualifying for homestead exemption, or registering to vote. Other actions, such as obtaining a Florida driver license, can indicate intent to establish residency.

Source:  Florida Department of Revenue – www.myflorida.com/dor